About Us

Workers College (WUC) is registered approved and authorized by the Eswatini Higher Education Council( EHEC) to offer teacher training programs and various business studies programs. Certificate No: SH.10.18 Issued in terms of  Section 19 of  the Higher Education Act, 2013

WUC started operating in 1997 with a view to contributing to the improvement of the standards in various professional disciplines. From its inception, WUC partnered with international institutions of higher learning with whom it is affiliated to. These includes University of Africa, ICM(UK), ABMA(UK) and City & guilds International. We offer Teacher Education programs like Primary Teachers Diploma, Secondary Teachers Diploma, Early Childhood teachers diploma and several internationally recognized professional programmes with guidelines from our international partners.


The approved lecturers of WUC provide teaching and training of students while our international partners continuously assess our performance and that of our students, this means they set examinations and other assessment requirements; they mark the examinations and award internationally recognized certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas and degrees.


To  produce,  highly  qualified, competently  skilled  academics and  professionals  who  will  meet the  demands  of  industry  and  the workforce  with  excellence  in service delivery.


We  aspire  to  be  a  University  of Gold  Standard  of  Excellence  in a c a d e m i c s   a n d   p r o f e s s i o n a l studies in Eswatini, SADC, Africa and beyond.

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